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About GC Locators

Global Conductor Locators, a specialized division of GC Construction, is a trusted resource that clients can rely on to give accurate and dependable utility locating services.  We use the latest in GPR technology and state-of-the-art utility locating equipment.  Safety is our first priority—All of our utility locator technicians are trained in and adhere to all current safety codes.

All equipment is standard  and up-to-date per Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations.

In order to avoid potentially hazardous and costly situations, we employ a Ground Penetrating Radar as well as Electromagnetic Induction. Click above for further details of our process.

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Various services and solutions to public and private utility lines that were placed underground and unmarked. Such services and solutions include:

  • Utility Locating and Marking
  • Potholing, Excavation, and Utility Relocation Services