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Public and private utility lines are often placed underground but are not always marked. Unfortunately, hitting and damaging any of these utility lines during construction or excavation without knowledge of where these lines are placed can result in heavy fines, a major utility outage, serious accident, evacuation, or possible explosion due to a gas leak.


Global Conductor Locators also has the ability and training to excavate potholes and enter manholes to locate and expose existing utility lines, facilitating video camera inspections of underground service lines and sewers.

Utility Locating and Marking

Global Conductor Locators will make sure that all utility and pipelines are accurately and clearly marked on your construction site to ensure you have a safe and successful project. Services such as California’s Underground Service Alert, or “Dig-Alert”, only locate and mark utilities that they own up to their meter. Other utility lines are privately owned, which is where Global Conductor Locators comes in.

Services and Solutions

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Potholing, Excavation, and Utility Relocation Services

During utility location, it is common for utility lines to be found right where you don’t want them to be. To solve this problem, Global Conductor can bring in state-of-the-art trenching, boring, and drilling equipment that can drill (often without disturbing the surface) to relocate utility lines.